Looking for LinkedIn recommendation examples? Asked to write a LinkedIn Recommendation and don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered!

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation?

Many job applications and recruiters are now asking for LinkedIn profiles in the hiring process. What does this mean for you? LinkedIn profiles should be updated regularly, showcase one’s identity as a professional, and show what others think about working with that individual.

LinkedIn makes this easy to do with their Recommendations section. Anyone can write a recommendation for someone with whom they worked. It also gives users the ability to request a recommendation, change the order of appearance, or even hide irrelevant recommendations.

Here’s our checklist for writing the best recommendations:

  1. Focus on 1 or 2 specific professional qualities. LinkedIn profiles provide a space for users to list their skills and qualities. Pick a couple of those that you saw in that person and hone in on them.
  2. Provide an example of how those qualities were put into action. How did this individual make use of their skills and qualities in a way that positively impacted the work?
  3. Mention the importance of the professional relationship. How did having that person in your corner help you?
  4. Be careful not to use cliches or vague statements. Saying, “Ted was great to work with” doesn’t give enough information. What did Ted do that was different from others?
  5. Keep it short and to the point. LinkedIn profiles provide a ton of information if they are complete. So, limit yourself to one paragraph that summarizes your experience with that person.

Here are some great LinkedIn Recommendation examples that check all the boxes:

For someone you supervised

One of the most common LinkedIn recommendations you write will be for an employee who directly reported to you. Someone looking for a job will benefit from the testimony from an authority with whom they worked closely. These LinkedIn recommendation examples show the value of a particular employee:

Example 1: “Trevor was a thoughtful team player and willingly stepped up when his department needed leadership. He did this by acting as the interim Marketing Coordinator while we searched for a replacement, while also thriving in his Graphic Designer position. He made the transition seamless.”

Example 2: “David is passionate about his work and has an incredible eye for fashion. He brought a fresh look and feel to our retail location which brought in new clientele. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented mind. He will add vibrant energy to any company.”

For someone who supervised you or a mentor

If you are recommending someone who was senior to you, it may be helpful to focus on their leadership skills and ability to manage teams, as well as their industry expertise. The LinkedIn recommendation examples below illustrate what it was like reporting to someone.

Example 3: “Jackie is a leader who helps others around her grow. She mentored me during our time together by having an open feedback loop for our projects. This helped many in our department to really develop their skills to deliver a quality product.”

Example 4: “Marco was an influential mentor during my Masters of Social Work program because he showed a high level of care for my success. For example, he challenged me to bring different perspectives into account as I completed my thesis and modeled that by allowing me to shadow him in the field.  With his encouragement, I was able to design an innovative curriculum for low-income students.”

For a coworker

In the LinkedIn recommendation examples below, we see a coworker’s perspective. This is always valuable because they are the ones rubbing shoulders with each other on a regular basis. Think about how a co-worker’s presence helped you during tough or busy seasons. How did they act as a model for you and the rest of the team?

Example 5: “Leo was always very hospitable to our guests and co-workers. He would often go out of his way to make sure the guests had everything they needed during their stay and worked with other departments to accommodate any needs. He also trained me and others how to do this well and provide excellent customer service. He made our hotel guests feel comfortable and cared for.”

From a former or current client

These LinkedIn recommendation examples show that client recommendations also act as reviews. If you had a vendor or contractor whose work really stood out, let others know! Chances are, potential clients will be looking at their LinkedIn profiles to get an idea of their work and the experience of working with them.

Example 6: “Regina’s work goes above and beyond our expectations. When we hired her to help with our rebranding project, she provided insights that helped us make clear decisions for our company’s new look. She has the ability to understand what is important to us and our customers and marry them together in a creative way. We continue to work with her for ongoing projects because of her innovative ideas!”

Example 7: “Michael was a consultant for our team for three years. I have appreciated the thoughtfulness he brings to his tasks, and the level of experience he is willing to share with the team. When we made changes to our employee handbook, he took the time to get insight from a variety of team members. I would recommend him wholeheartedly for his expertise and care and look forward to an opportunity to work with him again”

From a teacher/professor

This can be valuable if you are a teacher or professor who knows students personally. We know that many colleges and universities have large classes, but if you taught for a small program or group where you worked closely with students, giving them a recommendation may be a big help. Here’s a LinkedIn recommendation example that does just that:

Example 8:  “Bobby thrived in all my classes and was an instrumental part of the university’s National Student Advertising Competition team, for which I advised. As an adviser, I got a first-hand look at Bobby’s professional-level work. He brings a fresh perspective to the industry and is able to work with a variety of personalities to complete a challenge. Any agency or organization would be lucky to have this young professional.”

As you can see from these LinkedIn recommendations examples, they are not formal as a full-page Letter of Recommendation. However, a LinkedIn recommendation does give an outside perspective of someone’s work experience. It helps complete the picture of who they are and the value they bring to a job.