Professional Resume Service


($30K – $60K salary for desired position)
Supervisors, Office Managers, Bookkeepers, Sales Reps, Retail Managers, Nurses, Teachers, etc.

Are you seeking a promotion at work? Considering a career change? Looking for a new job? Look no further! Let us help you put your best foot forward. We specialize in optimizing content with specific keywords and phrases to surpass the “Applicant Tracking Systems” used by recruiters and hiring managers. We’ll get your foot in the door!

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You’re seeking the next big move up in your career, and you’re open to exploring your options. Professional Resume Service will help you dig deeper into your professional story so far, so you can more easily highlight your greatest accomplishments and key differentiating qualities. Explore gives you the resume that will spark new opportunities and bring you closer to the top.

The typical desired annual salary for Mid Level Resume Service clients is between $30K – $60K.

  • 30-Minute Resume Strategy Session. Enjoy a 30-minute one-on-one discovery session with your Career Advocate™ where we get to know the person behind the professionalism. Together we’ll outline your career goals, identify the key places you’ve explored before, and look for ways to showcase your personality with eye-catching details.
  • Professionally Written Professional Resume. An experienced, US-based Career Advocate™ will produce a professionally formatted resume appropriate for your desired industry. The typical turnaround time to receive your first draft is 4-5 business days from placing your order and providing your Career Advocate™ with enough information to prepare an effective draft. Rush delivery available for a fee.
  • Quality Assurance. Initial drafts are reviewed and approved by a Hiring Manager for quality!
  • Best and longest revision period in the business. Take advantage of a 7-day revision period for unlimited revision requests upon receiving your first draft – the best and longest revision period in the business!
  • Optimized for ATS technology. Your resume will be optimized with an appropriate layout, keywords, and phrases to pass ATS technology



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