It Only Takes Six Seconds To Make A First Impression

An astounding 95% of job seekers wish they had resume help at one point or another throughout their career. It’s not an easy task to capture your strengths, accomplishments, skills, and personality over the  years into a single  document.

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We’ve worked with some spectacular people who had zero idea how impressive
they are. Despite years of experience, a handful of eye-popping accomplishments,
and a personality to boot, many clients come to us thinking their work is ho-hum.
Why does this happen?

It’s simple really: stuffing years of experience into a few bullet points can feel foreign, overwhelming and inauthentic. Should you include that promotion? What about that speaking engagement? Maybe you will seem too arrogant if you mention your generous donation to the non-profit foundation. Oh no, your proudest accomplishment has to stay hush-hush for confidentiality reasons.

Now what?

If this sounds like you, don’t sweat it. After thousands of conversations with capable, wonderful candidates, we’ve found that people are too close to their work to notice anything spectacular about it. Career Climb can help.

We get it.

Perhaps it’s been years since you have made a career move and you’re realizing how much the application process has changed or you are struggling with compiling your background and professional story in a way that fully showcases your talents.

That’s where we come in. We care about your career development and respect your resume as a tool to continue your growth and upward mobility. We light up when we talk about personal and professional development, and while you may dread the blank page, we live for it. We’re so obsessed with careers, in fact, that we created the industry’s first-ever Career Advocate™ designation.

We aren’t just resume writers or career coaches; we are SO much more. We are committed to delivering you an experience that is tailored to your career needs.

Quality Over Quantity
We aren’t about churning resumes. We are all about focusing on the individual and delivering a unique resume writing and career coaching experience that is specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. We have the same exact approach with our team.

We have a team of individuals that are committed to telling our clients what they need to hear, in order to help them get to the next level of their career.

Catalyst for Success
Our Career Advocates™ thrive on being motivators and helping others succeed. We want to be the driver to help individuals get to that next summit of their career, no matter what it takes.

Resume/CV Writing, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Profile Services

Our team of Career Advocates™ will use our proven process to create compelling resumes/CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and other professional letters that will attract recruiters and hiring managers.

What to Expect
resume help

Resume/CV Writing Packages

Please select the appropriate service based on the salary of the position you are seeking!

resume help

Professional Resume Service

($30K – $60K salary for desired position)

Are you seeking a promotion at work? Considering a career change? Looking for a new job? Look no further! Let us help you put your best foot forward. We specialize in optimizing content with specific keywords and phrases to surpass the “Applicant Tracking Systems”.

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Mid Level Resume Service

($60K – $100K salary for desired position)

Make your next big move, and work with a professional Career Advocate™ to refine your career story and create a professional resume that will assist in your climb to the top. Ideal for most Operations Managers, Sales & Marketing Managers, Human Resource Managers…

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Senior Level Resume Service

($100K – $200K salary for desired position)

You might be an experienced mountaineer in your industry, but are you at the company that aligns perfectly with your career goals? If you’re looking to scale a new path to something greater, polish your professional image with our Senior Level Resume Service. This service prepares you…

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Executive Level Resume Service

($100K – $200K salary for desired position)

You’re at the top of your game–take the final steps toward your dream executive position with our Executive Level Resume Service. You’ve worked your entire professional career to reach your current position. You deserve an executive-level resume writer to showcase…

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IT & Engineering Resume Service

IT & Engineering Resume Service is ideal for IT Managers, Network Administrators, Database Administrators, Programmers, Analysts, Design Engineers, CAD Designers, Project Managers, etc. Our top-qualified Career Advocates™ will apply their eagle eyes and sharp technical writing skills will take your experience and education to translate the many contributions…

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Federal & State Resume Service

As a government employee (or someone seeking government employment), you know the headache involved with the Federal application process. Our top-qualified Career Advocates™ apply their eagle eyes and sharp technical writing skills to prepare a professional resume that outlines your accomplishments and highlights your best qualities, making sure to dot every ‘i’…

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) Service

Are you a career climber who’s looking for a position that requires a Curriculum Vitae? Designed with the doctor, professor, or scientist in mind, our CV Service establishes an in-depth professional story to exemplify your experience and accomplishments. Your Career Advocate™ is highly skilled in academic and professional CV writing and will help you land that next…

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Military-to-Civilian Resume Service

Military veterans transition into the corporate job market with a broad skill set and experience shouldering unimaginable responsibility. Unfortunately, most civilians have no idea what’s going on in the military or how to decipher military terminology. To succeed in a post-military job search, transitioning veterans will work with a Career Advocate™ to create a…

Greatness Begins Here

How are you going to stand out to recruiters and employers? With our Professional Resume and CV Writing Services, you will make a great impression and present just as well on paper as you do in person. Employers are mulling over Resumes and Cover Letters every day, leaving you with one chance to soar above the competition! Whether you are a Recent Graduate, Professional, Manager, or Executive, our Certified Resume Writers work with clients in all industries and at all career levels. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and most of our clients report receiving job offers within 1-3 months of working with us! Now that’s fast and effective!