Having a great resume can often be the difference between getting a call for an interview and your resume ending up in the trash. While many people think that a resume writing service is cost-prohibitive, hiring a resume writer is a great investment. 

A professionally written resume can even lead to landing a dream job, navigating a successful career change, or making more money than anticipated. The bottom line is that resume writing services are effective for multiple reasons, such as:

  • They are objective. Most people are not objective enough to write their resumes correctly. Additionally, writing your own resume means you focus on what you think your greatest strengths and contributions might be. 

However, a professional resume writer can weed through these emotion-based nuances and provide you with a great resume for the job you seek based on what is in demand in the current market. Plus, bragging about one’s strengths doesn’t come naturally. A professional writer can ensure anyone who reviews your resume will see your strengths in a positive light. 

  • They know what hiring managers want. Resume writers do this job for a reason; they are good at it. A professional resume writer will stay up-to-date on changing trends in the resume’s format, layout, and presentation. Additionally, they know exactly what HR professionals want to see on a resume and can prioritize the info to meet the hiring team’s needs. 

A well-written resume will stand out from the crowd. Working with writing services is one way to ensure you catch the hiring manager’s eye the first time they review your resume. 

  • Professional resume writers will ensure your resume makes it through applicant tracking systems (ATS). Most employers use applicant tracking systems to sort and review resumes before sending them to the hiring managers. Without a thoughtful resume, yours may get filtered out and not make it to the right people. Professional resume writers know how to craft a resume that flies through the applicant tracking systems and makes it to the next step. 
  • It will be grammatically flawless. Approximately 77% of hiring managers immediately disqualify resumes because of grammatical mistakes or typos. You may think your resume looks great, but often that is only because you have been looking at it so long; your eyes gloss over common errors. 

The last thing you want to do is submit a resume with mistakes and errors. It is one of the quickest ways to take yourself out of the running for any job. With a resume writer, you can ensure that the final document will contain absolutely no mistakes or errors since you have an additional set of eyes to catch something one of you may have missed. 

  • You can also get help with a cover letter or career coaching. Professional resume writers are a trove of helpful knowledge for job seekers. Working with one will often provide you with excellent resume writing tips, strategies for developing a cover letter, and career coaching advice. You may even get some help upgrading your LinkedIn profile. 

In addition, you often find more help with your overall job search when working with a resume writing service. 

  • They can explain career gaps. There are many reasons people leave the workforce for a while, but trying to get back in when you have been off for some time can be difficult. While any great professional writer can’t – and won’t – rewrite history, they know how to accentuate the positives and frame any pitfalls – such as an extended absence from work – in a positive light. 

If you have a career gap, this benefit alone can demonstrate why working with a resume writer is a great investment. The way they frame absences and other anomalies in your work history can help you understand how to approach that leave with a positive mindset during the interview stage.

  • You can move up the ladder quicker. When you reach a certain level of professional achievement, potential employers expect an executive quality resume. Even if you aren’t there, a quality resume can get you noticed for new jobs. Professional resume writers can help you advance your career faster. 
  • You can connect with the right people. Professional resume writers are often well connected in many industries and with recruiters. They can help you fine-tune your LinkedIn profile in a way that will get noticed by professional recruiters, which could lead to opportunities you hadn’t even considered. 
  • They can tell your story the way you want it to be told. Professional resume writers have an uncanny ability to say a lot with very few words. The way they construct a resume will tell the story of your career history in a way that plays to your strengths. Often, the way this story is told will appeal to the specific job you are seeking. 

These writers know their audience, which means they know how to create a message that will resonate well. In addition, they can help your resume promote you in a way that makes your particular “brand” stand out in the stack.

  • You will have less stress. Let’s face it; if you can hire someone to complete a task you are dreading, it makes life easier. Many people struggle with writing a killer resume. If you can take the stress away by hiring someone to write your resume, you can focus on finding quality opportunities that will be a good fit, which may lead to a great new job. 

Writing a resume is hard. You have to jam a lot of information into a few pages. Many people lack the skills to weave all of this information together cohesively and succinctly. It’s a task that seems easy but really isn’t. 

If you think your current resume is great, you would likely see a huge difference if you compared it to one that is professionally written. The bottom line is that working with a resume writer is a great investment because it can move your career in the direction you want and often faster than you could otherwise. 

Career Climb assists with resume writing and other services that can help with your job search or as you transition into a new career. Our team comes from a wide range of professional backgrounds and writing expertise to help you craft a resume to help you achieve the next step in your career. For more information about resume writing, career coaching, or interview strategies, contact Career Climb today!